Investors' Day Investors' Day


Investors' Day, November 25, 2009

Investors' Day
09:00 am Martin Blessing
Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors
"Laying the foundations for long-term success"
PDF, 488 kB
09:30 am Eric Strutz
Chief Financial Officer
"Targets for Roadmap 2012"
PDF, 547 kB
11:00 am Stefan Schmittmann
Chief Risk Officer
"Risk Management in Times of Crisis"
PDF, 638 kB
12:00 pm Integration
Frank Annuscheit
Chief Operating Officer
Ulrich Sieber
Group Human Resources and Group Integration
"Growing together"
PDF, 649 kB
02:00 pm Achim Kassow
Private Customers
"A new market leader"
PDF, 656 kB
02:30 pm Achim Kassow
Central & Eastern Europe
"Returning to pre-crisis profit level"
PDF, 529 kB
03:00 pm Markus Beumer
"Well prepared for a challenging environment"
PDF, 593 kB
04:00 pm Michael Reuther
Corporates & Markets
"Building a client centric Investment Bank"
PDF, 1.3 MB
04:30 pm Jochen Klösges
Asset Based Finance
"Enhancing profitability through optimisation and de-risking"
PDF, 494 kB