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Das Grüne Band


Since 1986, Commerzbank AG and the German Olympic Sports Federation (DOSB) have supported children and young people in various sports through the initiative of “Das Grüne Band für vorbildliche Talentförderung im Verein”. “The project rewards consistent work with young talent in competitive sports – regardless of club size or popularity of the sport – with an incentive bonus of 5,000 euros each.

Clubs or individual departments can apply to their umbrella organisations for “Das Grüne Band” every year up to the end of March. Every year, the jury awards the prize to 50 clubs or club departments from the Olympic and non-Olympic umbrella organisations of DOSB that meet the sports requirements for funding. The assessment criteria stem from the competitive youth sport concept of DOSB. Among others, they include the trainer situation, cooperation with institutions such as schools and Olympic training centres in active talent spotting, the prevention of doping, and educational aspects of performance promotion.

The commitment to "Das Grüne Band" is the ideal combination of elements that Commerzbank has championed for many years: the promotion of sport and the aspect of social responsibility. The objective of the competition is to support sports clubs in their youth development, to pave the way to competitive sport for children and young people – as success starts at grass-roots level, particularly in sustainability and continuity in spotting and supporting talent.

Beyond the area of performance promotion, however, the responsibility of the sports clubs also includes social functions. Sport strengthens the social skills of the young people and forms a link between social strata. Commerzbank fully and wholeheartedly supports this.