Boost your own funds: mezzanine capital

Mezzanine capital is a hybrid of debt and equity financing. Examples include silent partnership contributions or profit participation rights.
  • Subordinated debt
  • Long-term liquidity
  • No collateral tied up

Fresh growth perspectives for your company

Mezzanine capital creates more financial leeway between available equity and debt financing.

You remain in charge. There is no need for new or additional partners.

Customised solutions that fit your specific financing needs.

Tailor-made financings to tackle strategic challenges

Funding corporate expansion

Your company is expanding, and you want to set up a new production site, develop a new field of business or acquire another company. Mezzanine financings offer customised solutions in all of these scenarios.

Funding a change in partners

There can be many reasons for a change in the ownership structure of a company. Selling a company for succession purposes, or partners leaving: both pose significant financial challenges. These challenges can be met with mezzanine financings that are tailored to the unique needs of each situation.

A decades-long partner to SMEs

At Commerzbank, mezzanine capital is invested through our subsidiary CBG Commerz Beteiligungskapital GmbH & Co. KG. For many years now, CBG has been one of Germany's leading mezzanine investors. Because CBG is focused on building long-term relationships, it provides customised mezzanine financing structures and arrangements that are made to fit each client's individual needs. Our team comprises a wide variety of skills and expertise and possesses broad, hands-on experience in transactions across the whole spectrum of mezzanine financing instruments for SMEs.