Working time accounts: your flexible HR tool

Under a working time account scheme, employees contribute parts of their salary and/or worked hours to their working time accounts, from which their salary is then paid during a period of leave or partial retirement. As an employer, you are required to protect employee claims arising from such working time accounts against insolvency.
  • Solutions that match your company’s objectives
  • Flexibility meets planning certainty
  • Insolvency protection in line with legal requirements

At a glance

Boosting your employees’ motivation while creating flexibility for your company
  • Companies need motivated employees and flexible HR tools to remain competitive.
  • Working time accounts provide employees with more freedom when it comes to planning their working lives.
  • Companies can increase their attraction as an employer by offering working time accounts.

Flexible work and retirement schemes: our expertise for you

Commerzbank is your competent partner for working time accounts. We provide advisory services and high-quality solutions for

  • partial retirement schemes. The most frequent scheme is what is known as the block model: part of the work performed during a full-time working life is not immediately remunerated, but transformed into an employee claim. This claim is later remunerated during partial retirement, thereby facilitating a smooth transition to full retirement.
  • Working time accounts: this is where employees pay in parts of their salary and/or worked hours to provide for continued salary payments during a period of leave or partial retirement at a later stage.

We set up flexible protection schemes for you, for either of the two forms.

Win-win for both your company and your employees

You will raise your attractiveness as an employer and the motivation of your employees.

You will gain flexibility in your HR management.

You will meet the insolvency protection requirement, including for existing working time accounts.

Customised solutions with COMFLEX

Insolvency protection

We offer pledging models and guarantee schemes, alongside tailor-made master trust solutions via our subsidiary CommerzTrust GmbH.

Capital backing

Investment options include capital market investments, term deposits, insurance products or dedicated investment schemes for working time accounts under Germany’s Flexi II Act.


Our powerful administrative platforms and comprehensive reporting functions provide full transparency, ensuring that both employers and employees can track the development and funding of value credits (Arbeitnehmer-Wertguthaben pursuant to Germany’s Flexi II Act) at any time.

About working time accounts